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I have not always been a freak athlete. In high school, just four years ago I could barely dunk. I played varsity four years at Hagerty high school, in Oviedo FL, and I won a state championship as their starting point guard. I’m only 6’ tall, but it wasn't until college at Eastern Florida State College that I got my explosion and athletic ability to take off. It happened because of these drills that I’m going to be showing you. I was put on these drills by one of the best coaches in the league, and after a full summer of these drills I turned into the freak athlete I am today, all by maximizing my potential. By joining my program you'll also gain direct contact to me, I'll be here to answer any question you have. Let's Maximize your athletic ability!

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Nick Briz Secret Workouts

EXCLUSIVE High-Level Workouts to Increase Your Vertical, and JUMP LIKE NEVER BEFORE! These are TOP-SECRET drills that guys like me and other pros have used to separate yourself from the pack. 

  • Gym Workouts To Increase Your Vertical
  • High Level Stretches To Maximize Flexibility

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